About Us

Efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Through our comprehensive service, our aim is to contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies. We ensure the secure disposal or recycling of raw materials stemming from e-mobility propulsion systems, facilitating their swift reintegration into the economic cycle. This commitment extends to storage mediums across various domains.

Employing diligence, safety, and effectiveness, we are dedicated to promoting the sustainable utilization of raw materials. We invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation, either over the phone or in person, to explore our services further.

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Our History

The sole provider offering a complete package encompassing reverse logistics and second-life services in Germany

Our customers are convinced by the innovative concept of combining various services around the battery life cycle.


Foundation of DellCon. Comprehensive transport solution & specialization of personnel, equipment and processes.


Opening Reilingen Facility 1 – Dismantling possibilities for EOL on cell or module level


Certified primary treatment plant Elektro.G - Pretreatment of electrical devices with lithium-ion batteries to recover raw materials and increase recycling rates.


Introduction of QM system - Our services are subject to the highest quality standards, which is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and solution-oriented approach.


Expansion of Reilingen plant. Diagnostics / testing of modules for second life. We turn waste into a resource and prepare the application of lithium-ion batteries for Second-Life.


Introduction of technology for safe discharging /patent application. Preparation of batteries to increase the safety of the recycling process and treatment to prepare and monitor the quality for second-life applications.


Opening Reilingen Facility 2.


Certified according to End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance. Expansion of our portfolio with focus on high-voltage vehicles, quarantine areas.


DellCon is a steadily growing company, with a partner network in Germany and Europe.

Through exceptional excellent performance, our start-up becomes a respected partner of OEM and recycling companies within 2 years. We lead the way and are market leaders in all areas of our offered services and are continuously growing.

Our Partner Network

Our partners are carefully selected and have a high quality standard.
Transparency and communication are important to us, because only in this way can we achieve the best results together.
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Our Philosophy

In order for novel concepts and innovative ideas, like electromobility, to flourish, they require expert assistance. We aim to contribute to this endeavor through our specialized services.


We handle the transportation and proper disposal of hazardous materials, allowing you, as a pioneer in future mobility technologies, to dedicate your full attention to the advancement of groundbreaking products. Through this collaboration, we jointly establish a robust and workable framework for the technologies of tomorrow.


We take great pride in dedicating our commitment, strength, and expertise to enhance our dismantling division, ensuring that lithium-ion batteries that have lost efficiency find their way into a second life or are prepared for eco-friendly recycling. This completes the cycle of a battery or cell's lifecycle.


Driven by a sense of accountability and environmental consciousness, we have undertaken the mission of realizing a sustainable shift towards clean energy.


Because our aspiration is to create an even more significant impact.

That are We

Our Values

Collectively, through gradual progression, we have transformed a mutual aspiration into a remarkable achievement. Consistently, both in the past and the present, we remain steadfast in adhering to our principles in our everyday endeavors. Our aim is to maximize resource utilization over the long haul and contribute to shaping the future society. This achievement is a source of immense pride for us.

  • Care - We treat every order with the utmost care. Safety coupled with professionalism form our quality promise.
  • Integrity - We express our values and beliefs in our actions. 
  • Reliability - You can trust us. Honesty, integrity and trust are our guiding principles.
  • Efficiency - We design our operations according to one essential purpose: to protect resources. Therefore, we plan our trips and operations in such a way that they serve the goal of sustainability through compound effects.
  • Flexibility - We respond quickly and flexibly to changing situations and requirements so that your order is completed reliably and efficiently.
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code of conduct

DellCon's code of conduct applies to all areas of the company and acts as an "ethical compass". Our code of conduct forms the guideline for our behavior in our daily work and serves to anchor our values in the company.

Respect, tolerance, honesty, openness and integrity toward customers, suppliers and employees, as well as a willingness to accept social responsibility, form the keystone of the code of conduct. The guidelines apply to all employees and all areas of the company, regardless of hierarchical level. The code of conduct is based on international conventions and guidelines such as the universal declaration of human rights, the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Global Compact. We are thus committed to complying with ethical principles and legal requirements. The key elements are compliance with human rights, equal opportunities, transparency, and clear positions in the fight against discrimination, corruption and bribery.

Our Team

Meet the makers who are shaping the industry


Markus Dellori

Founder and Management

Nicole Jung-Dellori

Vice President, QM Manager

Maja Jung

Junior Manager International Business Management – International Customer Relations & Management Support
Andreas Gerstner

Andreas Gerstner

Head of Operations and Fleet Management
Sascha Filsinger

Sascha Filsinger

Technical Manager
Viktor Stahldecker

Viktor Stahldecker

Team Leader Disassembly