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We are specialized in the overall performance requirements of battery reverse logistics from e-mobility and alternative energy storage media. All our employees are specialized in handling lithium-ion batteries. Safety, customer satisfaction and delivery on time are our top priorities. Our work is solution-oriented and we are happy to advise you on the conceptual design. Convince yourself of our expertice and performance.

Reverse logistics

Dismantling Lithium Ion Battery Systems, Discharging, Diagnosis.

  • Dismantling of battery systems at module or cell level
  • Preparation for second life or recycling (unloading/testing)
  • Independent of type of construction (HEV,BEV and others)
  • Low-emission, energy-efficient & economical dismantling
  • Future injection of energy

Conserves resources - and the climate!

Reverse logistics


The transport of critically defective lithium-ion batteries represents a major logistical challenge. We are specialized in this and guarantee you the very highest safety standards.

Our service starts even before the transport. We support and advise you with our expertise in risk assessment and, if required, organize the appropriate recycling capacities with our disposal partners.

Put the responsibility in our hands and we will ensure that your hazardous goods transports run safely and smoothly in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements. We will gladly take care of the documentation and the preparation of the transport documents for you.

Benefit from our special conditions for disposal prices.

Due to our numerous certifications we are able to transport all products/wastes including hazardous waste categories for you. Sensor-based technology enables us to monitor the hazardous goods during transport. By tracking our vehicles we can inform you at any time about the location of the vehicle and arrival times.

  • Certified waste management company (all types of waste)
  • Trained ADR specialist
  • Tracking and tracing of the transport and cargo
  • BAM tested transport containers
  • Safe packaging of batteries - taping the poles, approved packaging materials, labeling, etc.
  • Preparation of the necessary transport documents
  • Takeover of the waste legal documentation in the verification procedure
  • Taking over the documentation of the risk assessment
  • Certified QM management for transport and dismantling operations

Reverse logistics

Packaging - transport containers

The transport of defective lithium-ion batteries is subject to strict legal requirements. These may only be transported in specially designed containers (UN standard/packaging guidelines, BAM approval).

Under which conditions the transport can be carried out depends on various data of the battery system.

Before each order, we carefully check which type of transport container is most suitable and approved for the transport and provide it for the transport.

We take care of the ADR-compliant packing and securing of the batteries on site. The materials required for this, including the appropriate packaging labels, are provided and attached by us.

We have the largest transport container for critical defective battery systems approved in Europe.

Reverse logistics

Recover - on Site

Our trained personnel perform on-site recovery and securing for accidental or burnt-out lithium-ion batteries. We take care of the safety precautions on site and regulate the disposal routes of the individual waste fractions (cells, contaminated metals, etc.).

In the event of major damage, our experts will come to the site before the order and quotation are prepared and advise you on the disposal concept. Our work takes place under environmental and emission protection relevant conditions.

Due to our expertise, we are available for you nationwide.

If an insurance claim is involved, we can take care of the necessary correspondence with the insurer and handle the approval process.

Picture: Burnt-out cells - still under voltage. Only a professional can handle this.


An important step towards sustainability and future energy supply.
  • We diagnose the modules with AI-based technology for suitability for second life. Documentation of the results, treatment of the modules and, if desired, selected distribution partners included.


Dismantling- Battery Systems

The sustainable handling of lithium-ion batteries that are no longer efficient and are to be further processed begins with the professional dismantling of the individual components down to module or cell level.

As ideal preparation for subsequent recycling or second life, we offer a dismantling service at our location in Reilingen. We are able to carry out the diagnosis of the cells of the battery systems. This allows intact cells or modules to be used in Second Life or returned to battery production. This is a valuable contribution to the optimal recycling of raw materials. We create a concept for this based on the customer's needs. Please contact us.


Diagnosis & Testing

The dismantled battery modules are tested by us using the latest AI-based technology. In this process, various values of the battery modules are evaluated which provide an indication of the SOH (state of health) and determine the expected future service life of the modules for use in the second live.
This testing takes place under technically monitored conditions so that we can ensure that the classification results are valid.
We prepare the generated data values for you, this enables you to make a statement about the product quality which you can use as a customer in the process optimization.

If you do not want to use these modules yourself as a tested product, we have partners who will be happy to do this for you.

Please contact us. Together with you, we will create a concept that stands for the sustainability of your company and reduces your costs at the same time.



To increase the safety of the battery modules or cells, they can be treated for further use by our charge/discharge technology according to the desired requirements.
This minimizes the risks during transport and the recycling process applied later.
The discharge energy is injected into the local electrical grid, so no resource is wasted.

We have registered a patent at the DPMA for the safe discharge of EOL battery modules that we have developed.

Innovation pays off - for our customers.