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Our expertise lies in meeting the comprehensive demands of battery reverse logistics encompassing e-mobility and alternative energy storage solutions. Each of our staff members is highly trained in the meticulous handling of lithium-ion batteries. Our foremost concerns are safety, ensuring customer contentment, and punctual delivery. Our approach is geared towards problem-solving, and we're enthusiastic about providing guidance on conceptual design. We invite you to witness firsthand our proficiency and accomplishments.

Reverse Logistics

Dismantling Lithium-Ion Battery Systems, Discharging, Diagnosis.

  • Dismantling of battery systems on module or cell level
  • Preparation for second life or recycling (discharging/testing)
  • Design independent (HEV, BEV and others)
  • Low-emission, energy-efficient and economical dismantling
  • Future energy supply

Conserves resources - and the climate!

Reverse logistics


Transporting critically defective lithium-ion batteries poses a significant logistical hurdle, and this is where our specialized expertise shines. We are dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our commitment extends beyond the transportation phase. We begin by providing support and guidance in risk assessment, and if needed, we collaborate with our disposal partners to arrange suitable recycling solutions.

Entrust us with the responsibility, and we will oversee your hazardous goods transportation with utmost adherence to relevant regulations, guaranteeing a secure and seamless process. We handle documentation and prepare transport paperwork on your behalf.

Avail of our advantageous terms for disposal rates.

Thanks to our array of certifications, we have the capacity to transport a wide range of products, including hazardous waste categories. Our employment of sensor-based technology facilitates continuous monitoring during transport. Vehicle tracking enables real-time updates on location and estimated arrival times, ensuring you remain well-informed throughout the journey.

  • Certified waste management company (all types of waste)
  • Trained ADR specialist
  • Tracking and tracing of the transport and cargo
  • BAM tested transport containers
  • Safe packaging of batteries - taping the poles, approved packaging materials, labeling, etc.
  • Preparation of the necessary transport documents
  • Takeover of the waste legal documentation in the verification procedure
  • Taking over the documentation of the risk assessment
  • Certified QM management for transport and dismantling operations

Reverse logistics


Transporting faulty lithium-ion batteries is subject to stringent legal mandates. These batteries may only be conveyed in specialized containers adhering to UN standards and packaging guidelines, with BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) approval.

The specific transport conditions are contingent on various parameters of the battery system.

Ahead of each assignment, we meticulously assess the most suitable and approved transport container, which we then arrange for the transportation.

We handle the on-site packing and securing of batteries in accordance with ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) standards. Essential materials, including pertinent packaging labels, are provided and affixed by our team.

We boast the largest approved transport container for critically faulty battery systems across Europe.

Reverse logistics

Recovery On Site

Our skilled team conducts on-site retrieval and securing of lithium-ion batteries affected by accidents or combustion. We manage safety protocols at the site and oversee the proper disposal paths for distinct waste components (cells, contaminated metals, etc.).

In cases of substantial damage, our specialists evaluate the site, offer consultation for a disposal strategy, and formulate an estimate prior to initiating the order. Our operations align with pertinent environmental and emission protection criteria.

Leveraging our expertise, we are available to assist you nationwide.

If an insurance claim is involved, we can facilitate necessary correspondence with the insurer and navigate the approval process.

Image: Cells scorched and still energized—requiring the skill of a qualified professional for handling.


An important step towards sustainability and future energy supply.
  • Using AI-driven technology, we assess module viability for potential secondary use. Our process encompasses result documentation, module treatment, and the option to engage chosen distribution collaborators.



The eco-conscious management of lithium-ion batteries that have reached the end of their efficiency and are destined for further processing initiates with the expert disassembly of individual components, down to the module or cell level.

In seamless preparation for subsequent recycling or a second life, we extend a dismantling service at our Reilingen facility. We possess the capability to diagnose the battery system cells, permitting intact cells or modules to be repurposed for a second life or reintroduced into battery manufacturing. This undertaking greatly contributes to the optimal recycling of essential raw materials. Tailoring our approach to your specific requirements, we craft a customized concept. Please reach out to us to explore further.


Diagnosis & Testing

We subject the disassembled battery modules to scrutiny using cutting-edge AI-based technology. Within this procedure, diverse metrics from the battery modules are assessed, offering insights into their state of health (SOH) and predicting the anticipated future operational lifespan for potential second-life utilization.

This evaluation is conducted under meticulous technical oversight, ensuring the accuracy of the classification outcomes.

We meticulously organize the generated data values, empowering you to render judgments about product quality, a resource you, as a customer, can employ for process enhancement.

If you opt not to employ these tested modules within your own operations, we have partners eager to take on this role on your behalf.

Feel free to connect with us. Collaboratively, we will design a strategy that not only embodies the sustainability of your enterprise but also concurrently trims your expenditures.



Enhancing the safety of battery modules or cells is attainable through our charge/discharge technology, which readies them for potential future applications as per your specifications. This approach mitigates risks during subsequent transportation and recycling procedures. The discharge energy is effectively channeled into the local electrical grid, ensuring no valuable resource is squandered.

Our devised secure discharge process for end-of-life (EOL) battery modules has been officially patented through the DPMA.


Innovation yields dividends – primarily for our valued clients.