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Promoting the goals of the recycling management act and our claim to sustainability.

Together with our partners, we offer services along the entire battery life cycle value chain. Let us advise you on how you can reduce costs and generate economic success in optimizing your eco-balance.

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Our services at a glance

We are specialized in the overall performance requirements of battery reverse logistics from e-mobility and alternative energy storage media. All our employees are specialized in handling lithium-ion batteries. Safety, customer satisfaction and delivery on time are our top priorities. Our work is solution-oriented and we are happy to advise you on the conceptual design. Convince yourself of our expertice and performance.

Reverse logistics

Dismantling lithium ion battery systems, discharging, diagnosis.
  • Dismantling of battery systems at module or cell level 
  • Preparation for second life or recycling (unloading/testing)
  • Independent of type of construction (HEV,BEV and others)
  • Low-emission, energy-efficient & economical dismantling
  • Future injection of energy

Conserves resources - and the climate!

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Transport solution for the disposal of critical e-batteries in compliance with legal requirements and minimization of safety risk through specialization of human resources, technology and equipment. We convince with our expertice and service.

Added Value Services:

  • Risk assessment
  • Route planning
  • Preparation of ADR transport documents
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We are experts in handling critically-defective lithium-ion batteries. There are various regulatory requirements to be complied with during packaging. We are well aware of  them and are perfectly equipped to take over this responsibility from you. We bring not only the necessary expertise, but also the complete equipment and packaging material. This is part of our understanding of service.

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For the safe recovery of damaged lithium-ion batteries, we create the necessary safety concept and advise you in the process. Our experts take care of a smooth process on site, taking into account environmental protection and emission control. We support you in the necessary correspondence with insurance companies and waste authorities. Due to our competence we are able to serve you nationwide.

We are happy to support you, please contact us.

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An important step towards sustainability and future energy supply.
  • We diagnose the modules with AI-based technology for suitability for second life. Documentation of the results, treatment of the modules and, if desired, selected distribution partners included.
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We offer dismantling services to minimize disposal costs and, if desired, prepare for second-life use. We provide you with the necessary verification documentation for the recyclable material streams. Optimize your Co2 footprint and act sustainably. We are the right partner for this and support you in this endeavor.

Contact us for a successful optimization of your eco-balance through waste reduction and cost efficiency.

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We use AI-based technology to test the EOL modules for reusability in second life. We classify the modules according to your requirements. Turn waste into a resource or a product. We will be happy to show you that this is economically viable. We support you along the entire value chain.


Through our partner network we are the right contact and have solutions for the convenient implementation of your projects.


Contact us.

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By transferring technology into practical applications, we can safely discharge batteries. This enables better efficiency in the recycling process and increases the safety of your equipment and employees. If the modules are to be made available for further use, they remain trained by controlled charging and discharging processes, thus we maintain the SOH of the products at a high level. We have applied for a patent for this innovative process.

Have we raised an interest in our services? Please get in contact with us.

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Complete solution for the business cycle. Efficient and sustainable use of raw materials.

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What makes us stand out

  • Specialization transports of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Risk assessment of batterysystems, cells, modules
  • Secure and recover defective / burned out batteries on site.
  • Research and development work in the field of logistics and methods for efficient dismantling.
  • Recycling solutions also for critically-defective batteries.
  • Dismantling of battery systems
  • Evaluation of modules or cells for suitability for second-life applications.
  • Safe discharging for further transport and increase of safety in the recycling process
  • Certified waste management company (EfB) according to § 56 Abs. 2 of the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetzes (KrWG)
  • Certified initial treatment facility according to § 21 ElektroG
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
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Transportation of lithium-ion batteries. Benefit from our experience.
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Tons of batteries dismantled and packaged. Our focus: raw material recovery, recycling and sustainability.
Modules prepared for second-life application. Another step towards the future and energy supply
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Customer satisfaction. Delighting customers with our service.

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Transport and packaging of lithium-ion batteries, preparation of battery systems from e-mobility or storage technology for second life or recycling - we would like to play our part in supporting forward-looking technologies while promoting the efficient and sustainable use of raw materials.