Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about lithium-ion batteries

In 2020, just under 200,000 new electric vehicles were registered in Germany - that is three times the volume of the previous year.

The demand for high-performance energy storage is growing increasingly. In addition to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are being installed in many other electronic devices, such as cell phones, lawnmowers and e-scooters, to name just a handful. Without this technology, our society's future vision for sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility is not possible.

Unfortunately, the service life of e-batteries is limited, as are the raw materials needed to manufacture them. These valuable resources, such as cobalt, manganese and lithium, must be returned to the economic cycle in order to meet the demands of environmental protection and sustainability.

Lithium is the lightest solid element and, although it is a metal, it floats on water. Due to improper transportation or other mechanical damage, thermal reactions may occur inside the battery. Such a metal fire is almost impossible to extinguish by conventional means. Special solutions are needed to prevent this from becoming a danger to people and the environment.

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